Seonghee Lee

Information Science 
(Data Science +
Interactive Tech)
@ Cornell University

About me



Seunghee Lee

My research aims to design interaction with autonomous systems.
I am interested in human interaction with autonomous vehicles, telepresence and the development of novel sustainable technology

Currently, my work focuses on designing Telepresence robots with Abstract Movements with Professor Francois Guimbretiere at Cornell. Additionally, I am working on creating a interactive fridge with features to help reduce foodwaste. 
Recently I worked on project IEUM, a multipurpose robot envisioned in future transportation technology. I am an undergrad studying Information Science (B.S.) with a concentration in Data Science and Interactive Technology at Cornell University.

Design Sketches︎︎

autonomous vehicles, telepresence, and sustainable technology

About me

Hello there ︎ My name is Seonghee Lee ( 이승희 ) .

I am a researcher interested in helping computers understand implicit and nuanced human communicaiton to create technology that can work in support of humans. I am interested in implict interaction with autonomous vehicles and creating recommendation systems that can empower humans and developing novel interaction methods for increasing AI literacy. 

Here’s a sketch on my research interests 

My Background 

My technical background is in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Rapid Prototyping. I have worked as a full-stack software engineer (javascript, python, react , django ..etc ) , created multiple web applications with dynamic data visualizations, and worked on various ML projects ( Interactive Conversational AI , StyleGAN for 3D face generation, and Course Search Engine). With rapid prototuping, I’ve worked with 3D printing, hardware prototyping, laser cutting, and VR development. 
I am also passionate about creative design for tech. I have a background in HCI and HRI on Autonomous Vehicle Interaction Research and Interactive Data Visualizations. 

More Personal ...

I am from both Korea and the US. I lived in the US for 5 years as a child, visiting the library everyday and coming home to make creative make-believe worlds with my sister. I had very specific dreams as a child --- ballet shoe designer, stem-cell resarcher, biological landscape architect, international policy maker ...etc. I was interested in work that was creative yet logical and often did meticulous research on a topic that sparked my interest. I spent middle and high school in Korea but always dreamed of coming back to the US because of my happy memories there as a child playing make-believe in the backyard of my house. Luckliy I was able to and now am just about to graduate from Cornell, as a major in Information Science with a concentration in Data Science & Interactive Technology. I hope to become a researcher/developer in helping AI learn ways of interacting and predicting human behavior and an interaction designer in developing novel methods of interaction for increasing AI literacy. 

Things I love 

* Yoga, Pilates, & Meditation - these are strong foundations of my mental health 
* My family, friends, and dog Teddy
* Chirstmas! 
* Well documented logical & creative design explanations/ blueprints ..etc
* Interactive Data Visualizations
* Art Museums - I love interperting what art means
* Coding... as frusterating as it is, I love the instant gratification when something FINALLY! works ︎
* Nature - Isn’t it fascinating how a leaf can be naturally shaped that way? 

Thank you!
As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions ︎