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Interactive Tech)
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Seunghee Lee

My research aims to design interaction with autonomous systems.
I am interested in human interaction with autonomous vehicles, telepresence and the development of novel sustainable technology

Currently, my work focuses on designing Telepresence robots with Abstract Movements with Professor Francois Guimbretiere at Cornell. Additionally, I am working on creating a interactive fridge with features to help reduce foodwaste. 
Recently I worked on project IEUM, a multipurpose robot envisioned in future transportation technology. I am an undergrad studying Information Science (B.S.) with a concentration in Data Science and Interactive Technology at Cornell University.

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autonomous vehicles, telepresence, and sustainable technology

About me
2021.08 ~ 2021.12  

IEUM - Future Transportation Agents

INFO 4320 Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing 
Seonghee Lee , Jin Ryu, Jessie Jeeyoon Kim 

Our project envisions the IEUM as fundamental agents of transportation in a shared mobility system.
This Mobility System establishes connection between drivers, vehicles, and the transportation system.

System Video 


While lots of Sci-Fi movies depict the future as gray, emotionless and automated, IEUM believes that future cities can be full of emotions. IEUM, a small data cube, is what enables future smart cities by communicating with its human user. It understands what humans need at the moment and acts as a mediating agent among humans, cars, and other traffic infrastructures. While taking you to your personalized route of the day, it will enhance traffic and energy efficiency of the society with other IEUMs out on the road. With your buddy IEUM, moving is full of fun.

Figure 1: Initial Prototype of IEUM, Crossing an Interactive Crossroad with Two Traffic Lights and an Autonomous Driving Car, Stopped

Overall Design

IEUM, which means connection in Korean, is a small data cube that bridges between transportation and humans. The current initial prototype of IEUM system includes the IEUM body itself, pairs of interactive traffic lights, and an autonomous driving car. When a pedestrian has to cross a specific part of the road, one of the lights at that part of the road will turn into a traffic light, generating a crossroad for the person. Then the person and his or her IEUM will cross the road, and the interactive traffic lights will send the updated data to nearby cars, so that their autonomous driving system can be updated as well. Below is our initial prototype of IEUM with its other traffic infrastructure prototype, crossing the crossroad. The design of IEUM was inspired by the MIT Tangible Media Group’s project HERMIT.


The Final Paper on the Development of the IEUM Robot is here.

IEUM  Development & Design Process

IEUM Car Development & Design Process

IEUM Road Development & Design Process

IEUM Final Poster

Final Product Images 

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