Seonghee Lee

Information Science 
(Data Science +
Interactive Tech)
@ Cornell University

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Seunghee Lee

My research aims to design interaction with autonomous systems.
I am interested in human interaction with autonomous vehicles, telepresence and the development of novel sustainable technology

Currently, my work focuses on designing Telepresence robots with Abstract Movements with Professor Francois Guimbretiere at Cornell. Additionally, I am working on creating a interactive fridge with features to help reduce foodwaste. 
Recently I worked on project IEUM, a multipurpose robot envisioned in future transportation technology. I am an undergrad studying Information Science (B.S.) with a concentration in Data Science and Interactive Technology at Cornell University.

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autonomous vehicles, telepresence, and sustainable technology

About me
Hello! I’m Seonghee, a senior at Cornell studying Information Science - Data Science & Interactive Technology. 

I am a researcher interested in helping computers understand implicit and nuanced human interaction to create technology that can work in support of humans and desigining novel interaction methods for increasing AI Literacy.

2022.09  Working at Motional with on the Expressive Robotics Team - Conduting VR studies on Autonomous Vehicle Lane Change movement

2022.05  In Boston! Working with wonderful the Harvard Library Innovation Lab on the Open-Access Casebook Publising Platform H2O    

2022.05  Conducted Telepresence Robot Research with Head Movement on 15 participants with Andy Ricci (PhD)

2022.03  Won the Best Paper Award at the Human Robot Interaction Conference for IEUM : Future Transportation Systems

2021.05  Research with Hyundai Motor Company X KAIST (KIX Lab,  Prof. Juho Kim)  on In-Vehicle Creative Media Experiences

2020.11   Working as a Software Engineer @ Cochl X Mercedes Benz with the MBUX adding non-verbal AI Interaction in Cars

2020.02   Joined Cornell Data Science Insights Team, communicating Machine Learning to non-techical & technical audiences

Projects, Research, Experiences & More!


Non-Verbal Interactions in
Emotionally Intelligent Cars

Software Engineer Internship (2020.11-2021.02) 

In-car Media Experiences in Autonomous Vehicles

KAIST KIXLab (Juho Kim) X Hyundai Motor Company



Motivating Food Waste Reduction through Self-Tracked  Data Visualizations

CHI 2023 (In submisison) 


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